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EDIT: 13th June 2009 all links to Greatest Journal have now been remove since the site is now dead, if you want any of the icon batches that are no longer linked but are still listed, let me know and I'll try to find the folders with the images in and repost them here. Sorry for the inconvenience


[CHRONO CROSS] Kid icons [total: 17]


[FINAL FANTASY] Zidane Tribal Icons [total: 18]
[FINAL FANTASY] Kuja Icons [total: 12]
[FINAL FANTASY] Princess Garnet icons [total: 15]
[FINAL FANTASY] Paine icons [total: 46]
[FINAL FANTASY] Lulu icons [total: 15]
[FINAL FANTASY] Auron icons [total: 15]
[FINAL FANTASY] Zack icons [total: 24]
[ICONTEST] Squall Leonhart / Seifer Almasy Icons [total: 101]
[ICONTEST] Squall Leonhart icons [total: 6]
[ICONTEST] Squall Leonhart icons [total: 25]
[ICONTEST] Seifer Almasy icons [total: 25]
[ICONTEST] Blank icons [total: 25]
[ICONTEST] Reno/Rude icons [total: 101]
[ICONTEST] Final Fantasy icons [total: 67]
[ICONTEST] Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Misc icons [total: 76]
[ICONTEST] Sora / Riku icons [total: 100]
[ICONTEST] Seifer Almasy icons [total: 10]
[ICONTEST] Cloud/Leon icons [total: 10]
[ICONTEST] Leon icons [total: 26]
[ICONTEST] Sora icon [total: 26]
[ICONTEST] Sora icons [total: 6]
[ICONTEST] Cloud icons [total: 26]
[ICONTEST] Seifer icons [total: 26]
[ICONTEST] Riku icons [total: 10]
[ICONTEST] Aerith Gainsborough icons [total: 26]
[ICONTEST] Riku icons [total: 100]
[ICONTEST] Riku icons [total: 26]
[ICONTEST] Yuffie icons [total: 26]
[KINGDOM HEARTS] Kingdom Hearts icons [total: 21]
[KINGDOM HEARTS] KH2, KH1 icons [total: 65]
[KINGDOM HEARTS] KH, KH:COM, KH2 icons [total: 23]
[KINGDOM HEARTS] KH2 icons [total: 13]
[KINGDOM HEARTS] KH2 - TWTNW / Ending icons [total:17]
[KINGDOM HEARTS] KH2 Sora, Roxas & Namine icons [total: 18]
[KINGDOM HEARTS] Axel icons [total: 15]
[KINGDOM HEARTS] Hayner icons [total: 12]

[MANGA] Under Grand Hotel icons [total: 54]

[MISC] Weapon Icons [total: 9]


[MOVIES] Karate Kid (parts i, ii, iii) icons [total: 33]
[ICONTEST] Karate Kid icons [total: 10]
[MOVIES] Blues Brothers / Blues Brothers 2000 icons [total: 30]
[MOVIES] Legend icons [total: 21]
[MOVIES] Princess Bride icons [total: 27]


[ICONTEST] Rich Ward icons [total: 10]
[ICONTEST] Rich Ward icons [total: 6]
[ICONTEST]: Rich Ward icons [total: 101]
[MUSICIANS] Tomohisa Yamashita icons [total: 12]
[MUSICIANS] Tomohisa Yamashita icons [total: 12]
[MUSICIANS] Tomohisa Yamashita icons [total: 15]


[WRESTLERS] Paul London Icons [total: 7]
[WRESTLERS] Shannon Moore Icons [total: 12]
[WRESTLERS] Batista [total: 9]
[WRESTLERS] Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy [total:14]
[WRESTLERS] John Cena Icons [total: 9]

[DIVAS] - Women of Wrestling (past and present)

[DIVAS] Candice Michelle icons [total: 15]
[DIVAS] Mickie James icons [total: 12]
[DIVAS] Victoria icons [total: 15]
[DIVAS] Trish Stratus icons [total: 12]
[DIVAS] Traci Brooks Icons [total: 15]
[DIVAS] Michelle McCool icons [total: 12]
[DIVAS] Ashley Icons [total: 12]
[DIVAS] Torrie Wilson Icons [total: 15]
[DIVAS] Christy Hemme Icons [total:17]
[DIVAS] Stacy Keibler Icons [total:17]
[DIVAS] Stephanie McMahon Icons [total: 9]
[REQUEST] Edge / Lita (Adam Copeland / Amy Dumas) Icons [total: 15]
[REQUESTS] Lita (Amy Dumas), Lita/Edge (Amy Dumas/Adam Copeland) Icons [total: 11]
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raynebow_fics // boomyaka

If you would like to affiliate with Raynebow_Icons, please reply to this post. Please add Raynebow_Icons to your affiliates list before you comment. A textlink is fine, but if you wish to use a button, here is one that you may use:

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I will continually take requests (until further notice), to have an icon made by me you must allow me some artistic freedom and interpretation.

[SINGLE ICONS] Please provide me with the following information:-
[X] A description of what you would like - Who/what you would like the icon to be of, etc.
[X] Link to prefered picture (if no picture is provided I'll select one myself!
[X] Any text you would like, and whether you want pixel font or script, or if you don't mind (If you would prefer a Hush icon, please state whether or not you want any brushes or tiny text on it).
[X] A choice of colours you would like
[X] Any animation you would like (If you request a movie icon, you must provide the gif or video clip).
[X] Any other information.

[BATCH ICONS] Please provide me with the following information:-
[X] Fandom.
[X] Character / Pairing / Items.
[X] Any other information.

[FO BANNERS] Please provide me with the following information:-
[X] Fandom.
[X] Character (leave blank if you want any from the chosen fandom).
[X] Text (if none entered I will use my default wording "FRIENDS ONLY - Comment to be added".
[X] Size (leave blank if no preference).
[X] Any other information.
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[X] CREDIT! Credit is a must! If you use any of my icons you must credit darkranger or raynebow_icons on LJ, raynebowranger @ GJ or raynebow-ranger.co.uk if used anywhere else!

[X] COMMENT! If you take any of these icons, please comment in the post where they are shown, that way I can see which are used often and which aren't so I know which to make more of!

[X] CUSTOMIZATION! Movie icons, and icons with text are not to be customized in any way. Textless are NOT bases unless otherwise stated. However I will consider customizing any that you ask me to.

[X] DIRECT LINKING You must NOT direct link/hotlink my icons! If you wish to use them on a message board or elsewhere you MUST upload them to your own server!